The Midas Touch – Air Max 97 'Gold Bullet'

Just like in 1999, there's more to the Air Max 97 than just silver. Coming in hot only a month after the OGs, the famed 'Gold Bullet' is ready to drop for the first time in over five years.
Just like a Silver Bullet – only GOLD.
All the hallmarks of Christian Tresser's iconic design remain.
That full-length Air bubble still looks good, even after 25 years.
The perfect shoe for Bond villian Goldfinger to wear on his Goldfeet.
Those soles won't be staying that clean for long...
The throwback '90s box is a nice added touch.

As the story goes: after being gifted with golden hands by Dionysus, King Midas was not able to eat or interact with other people because everything he touched became gold. Now there's seemingly good and bad things that come with that skill, but it must be that Midas was a fan of the Air Max 97.

Just over a month since we dropped the OG 'Silver Bullet' 97's we're here serving up a precious sequel. It's important to note that, although these released in the '90s, the gold version isn't an OG per se. They came two years after the original in 1999, aas a type of extendo-release keeping the '97 on shelves a little bit longer to capitalise on the smash-hit success.

One place definitely into this move was the Italy, which welcomed this golden boy with open arms. With everyone rocking Silver Bullets in the club, there was only one surefire way to one-up them all: whip out the gold joints. So mythical were these – at one point that there was even rumours that they didn't even exist! As you can see though, they absolutely do.

Much like the first time in '99, these are more limited than the silver ones. If you prefer your sneakers on the slightly-less-wild side you can still snap a pair of Silver Bullets in most sizes. But, if you prefer the golden life, then set your alarms and snag yourself a pair.

The AM97 'Gold Bullet' releases ONLINE at Midnight AEDT, Friday, January 13th.

Remaining pairs will release IN-STORE at 11am on Friday, January 13th.

$260 RRP – Available in Men's and Women's sizes

Men's: US8-US14 [inc. half sizes]

Women's: US6-US10 [inc. half sizes]