Introducing: Stepney Workers Club

Welcoming the fashion-ready casual footwear from the UK's Stepney Workers Club to the UP THERE roster
Introducing Stepney Workers Club (S.W.C) to UP THERE
The Amiel S-Strike in Black Suede Mix from S.W.C
Details of the Amiel S-Strike in Grey Suede Mix from S.W.C
The S.W.C 'Pearl S-Strike' in Black Raw Suede Mix
Two colours in the Stepney Workers Club Osier S-Strike silhouette

In our pursuit of sourcing the best options for anyone who visits UP THERE, we've been looking for brands which make footwear outside of the traditional big sportswear companies. Whilst we all love what they have to offer, sometimes you might be looking for something a little less branded. Cue the range from Stepney Workers Club.

Founded in 2018 by London-based duo Simon See and Roger Pereira, Stepney Workers Club (S.W.C) was established with an intent to redefine what a modern-day sports brand can be. Inspired by traditional English sports clubs, their slogan ‘Freedom of Sport, Freedom of Thought’ and handshake symbol represent the values, liberal thinking and unity which inspired its founding.

Their unisex footwear styles strike a balance between modern and classic thanks to the retro-inspired design language paired with minimalist colourways and branding. The perfect accompaniment to a wardrobe that's moved-on from classic streetwear, S.W.C provides a good transition for those of us chasing something a little bit different to the norm.