Heishi Hematite Necklace - Jet Stone

Although Mikia makes many styles of jewellery, it's their beaded designs which they are best known for. Each piece is strung by hand in Japan using only the finest vintage and new beads in stone, glass and sterling silver. Through the use of natural stone and hand-made glass beads, each Mikia necklace and bracelet is unique unto itself.

This necklace is made from roundels of hematite and jet stone in the "heishi" technique which was created by indigenous American people. The hardware is cast from 925 Sterling Silver.

Jet: Unlike many gemstones, jet is not a mineral, but rather a mineraloid— it's derived from wood that's changed under extreme pressure. If you've ever used the adjective "jet black" then this is where it originates.

Hematite: The blood-red pigment of Hematite speaks to its incredibly high iron content. The Ancient Greeks were obsessed with this stone, and they named it Haima, which in the old Latin tongue is the Greek word for blood. When formed into a bead its finish is that of a shining silver hue.

- Jet stone & hematite beads
- 925 Sterling Silver hardware
- Polyester cord
- Made in Japan
- SKU: 241-M-008208-02
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