Needles FW20 Track Pants + Rebuild Flannel Shirts

Nepenthes’ Needles bring on their latest seasonal selections with some of their classic track pants and signature rebuilt flannel shirts as well as some extras in-between…

Nepenthes’ Needles bring on their latest seasonal selections with some of their classic track pants and signature rebuilt flannel shirts as well as some extras in-between…

Utilising vintage flannel shirts, the rebuild collections cuts them all apart and as the namesake suggests, rebuilds the various ribbons and countless checks back into amazing 1-of-1 pieces. Make sure to get in quick as each of these one-off pieces always fly off the shelves.

You can’t have a season of Needles without their Track Pants, and whilst we’re all working from home, there’s no better excuse than to slip into a pair to keep you looking fresh and feeling cozy regardless of the fact you can’t leave the house. This season we’ve got a trio of offerings with Charcoal, Navy, and Olive all featuring accenting striped details and embroidered papillon to finish them all off.

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