Aries × Reebok Classic Leather 'The Mystic's Choice'

Aries mixes British and Italian culture with a dose of wizard's magic... Wait what?

Few sneakers are more closely associated with the British than Reebok's Classic Leather. The supremely simple, highly wearable silhouette has featured in almost every English subculture since its release in the 1980's. If Americans have the AF1, then Poms have the Classic Leather.

When out mate Mubi from Reebok's special projects division noticed that a fair chunk of the Aries design team wore the Classic Leather in the studio it started a chain of events which would lead to the collaboration you see here.

Inspired by the signature Aries colourway of gold over aqua, the shoe was designed to fit this combination whilst being as close to the classic all-white version as possible. The result is a monotone aqua-tinted white shoe resplendent with sparkling gold accents. The "Mystic's Shoe" stuff is classic Aries in-so-far that it's a weirdly specific quirk inspired by the concept of making a shoe for the modern-day purveyors of magic.