Jordan 1 Crib Bootie - Varsity Red/Black/Sail

Few shoes can claim to match the iconic status of the Air Jordan 1. Throughout its history, the AJ1 has remained a cultural symbol. Even as it was surpassed by subsequent Jordan models, the lasting appeal of the "Ones" was so strong, the model would be brought back less than a decade later and has remained ever since.

For this very special pair Nike went all-out to do some storytelling. We all dream of a miracle find – walking into a run-down sports store and making the come-up of the century. In reality though, when it comes to Jordans it's almost never going to happen. Instead, Jordan has aimed to capture the feeling, without the musty smell and the conundrum of whether it's even worth wearing them.

Colour-wise it's exactly as you would expect for a pair of Chicagos, but the patina extends to the shoes. The white leather has slight cracks, whilst the black leather around the collar sports a distressed effect like the peeling leather on surviving pairs. The waxy red and black accents retain a smooth finish. The outsole has a chalky wash, but thankfully you needn't worry about dry rubber splitting on '85s.


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