Tender's Spring and Summer 2017 collection is a clean, edited, group of clothes and accessories, centred on interesting textiles, custom-woven and knitted in Britain. Wallaby pockets on shirts and jackets are a subtler interpretation of sportswear kangaroo pockets, and edited pieces take Tender’s tail shirt back to it’s simplest form.

Khaki is this seasons motivation. Now this isn’t just any Khaki, it’s the Khaki to end the age old debate of what colour Khaki actually is! This Khaki is achieved using a mixture of fermented indigo and turmeric to create a unique earthy green. And for arguments sake we’ll ignore the fact Khaki was also made using Mazari palm which comes out as more of a tan ‘drab’ colour, used by the British Army in the mid-19 th Century.

The two Wallaby pockets we have selected this season are made out of Cotton Laundry Bag Cloth, originally woven to be made into industrial laundry sacks. The darker stripes show the mark where the bag straps would have been sewn into place. One has been left as the original fabric colour and then the other has been overdyed in Khaki. We then have the Wallaby Pocket Jacket made from 16oz Japanese-Woven blueline selvage denim and then overdyed in Khaki.

For all the knitwear aficionados out there we have the Type 722 Rib Pullover. The pullover is made in Scotland and is knitted from a plied raw cotton weaving yarn. The combination of the raw Khaki over dye, the right-handed woven twill and the quality of the yarn used make for an exceptional piece you’ll love for years to come.

The collection is then rounded out with some small accessories including some Calf Length Reversed Terry Socks in Ecru, Wattle, and Khaki. We then have the Ball Keyring and Plate Face Keyring, both displaying Tender’s signature face logo. Always a compliment to anyone’s wardrobe pop in store to check out the collection or alternatively follow through to the online store to take a closer look at each item!