The Superior Labor SS17

2/6/2017 2:11 PM

As a new season arrives, as does a fresh delivery from Up There mainstays The Superior Labor. Founded in 2007 by genius designer and master craftsman Makoto Kawai and his wife Yoshimi, The Superior Labor are all about outstanding design, high quality materials and an unparalleled attention to detail, which is why we love them! Their old school processes and approach to craftsmanship is carried out with the pride that is such an integral part of Japanese artistry. Resulting in accessories that are 100% hand-crafted from their inception, accessories that are not only optically beautiful and tactilely enjoyable, but also extremely practical and hard-wearing. Fully justifying The Superior Labor motto of “We take pride in craftsmanship and never skimp on time and effort.”.

There’s something sincerely gratifying about knowing your everyday essentials are expertly crafted by hand and won’t fail you when you need them most. This has never been more prevalent than in The Superior Labor’s latest delivery. Featuring a number of everyday items that are never given much thought, but need to stand up to the riggers of daily use. Kicking things off are the ‘Tank’, ‘Umbrella Bottle’ and ‘Coffee Mug’ three leather, vessel carrying articles that ensure we stay hydrated, fuelled and caffeinated, ready to take on the day. All crafted from natural leather with debossed branding. With the ’Tank’ and ‘Umbrella Bottle’ also having adjustable shoulder straps.

The leather theme continues, with a classic key wrap in natural, brown and black and a holder for under appreciated lighter, coming to us in black and brown and featuring gold, debossed branding as well as a key ring to keep it out of reach of the ever present and cunning lighter thief. Next up is a trio of cotton Garden Hats, featuring a deep fit and gold pin branding, available in navy, khaki and beige, perfect for keeping the February sun at bay. Moving onto the Cozy Hat in camel, a slightly shallower fit compared to the Garden Hat, but equally as impressive, coming to us in buttery, buttery suede. TSL also have our jewellery needs covered, with the Fine Ring and Flat Face Bangle, both in 925 silver or brass and both displaying an endearing hand forged look with subtle stamped branding, understated and timeless. We have also received a re-stock in the ever reliable and versatile Melange Socks, available in red, khaki and blue, the perfect sock for any occasion, steadfast and indestructible. And lastly, what better way to carry all your artisanally crafted goods than in one of The Superior Labor’s Tie Shoulder Bags, cotton with leather detailing and plenty of room to store all your daily essentials.

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Winter layers - Socks

7/7/2016 4:11 PM

It’s time to wrap your feet up in a selection of melange and patterned socks with renditions of the wardrobe staple from Chup, Norse Projects, and Superior Labor. Japanese label Chup deliver a range of their intricately woven patterns across an array of accenting colours, these sit alongside their latest range of ‘White Label’ socks focussing on premium construction mixing melange with detailed knits. Sticking with the Japanese craftsmanship, Superior Labor continue to dish out their range of premium melange socks, adding to the mix with a range of natural, indigo dyed and striped socks. Lastly and surely not least, Norse Projects enter into the realm of socks for another season with their range of Bjarki socks, with each pair taking melanges to another level.

Keep your feet covered with our ranges of socks both in store and online, making sure to check out all of the finer details of our latest arrivals after the jump.

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