Anonymousism Socks

4/1/2019 2:05 PM

Anonymousism Socks SS19

Japanese sock specialists and in-house favourites Anonymousism have delivered their latest seasonal assortments. From patchwork, to spots/dots, and even som hand-dyed indigo numbers, they've well and truely got your feet covered.

These season's selections sees the return of the Patchwork Crew in Ivory, Black and Navy. Some new contendors bring a selection of dots in Black, Gold, and Off-White, and Welcome Crew in Black, Blue, Off-White, and Red. Rounding it all down for the season, Anonymousism present a series of hand-dyed inigo Shibori Tye-Dye in a trio of light and dark shades with Indigo, Navy, and Violet.

Pair them off with your latest pick-ups from our selections at Lower Grounds in store and online now!

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Chup Socks

6/4/2018 8:42 AM

Chup Socks SS18

Never sacrificing quality, and always bringing the most unique and inspired designs, CHUP - Classical Humans Universal Piece - has blessed us with their latest instalment of meticulously crafted socks just in time for winter!

An in-house original brand by Japanese textile and sock manufacturing specialists GLEN CLYDE, CHUP’s signature all over designs draw inspiration from various indigenous tribes globally, with the aim to ultimately provide a high quality and intricate aesthetic, critically paired with a comfortable yet enduring feel on foot.

Finished by hand by master craftsmen, the latest iteration by CHUP brings the Modoko, Niyol, Terio and Rio Grande designs to Up There Store, and dictates that regardless of the occasion CHUP has the design and sock for you!

At $36 a pair, you’ll find the latest range from CHUP both online and in store at Level 1/15 McKillop Street.

For all of the finer details of their latest arrivals, continue reading after the jump.

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Anonymousism Socks FW17

9/13/2017 1:48 PM

If there’s one thing you can never have too many of it’s socks and if there’s one thing Japan’s Anonymousism know how to do, it’s make one damn fine pair of socks. Crafted in Japan, each pair is woven from soft and durable fibres ready to endure day in day out wear and still looking good at the same time. This season’s range covers not only patterns, but classic melanges keeping your feet correct regardless of the occasion.

The Wigwam takes on a traditional native american pattern representing the traditional homes tribes would live in across an array of accenting colours. The Cowichan as it’s name might suggest takes inspiration from traditional British-Columbian knitwear with each pair donning an accenting totem emblem front and centre. Returning is Anonymousism’s signature Patchwork, with an array of colours simulating traditional patchwork repairs in an array of colours. Lastly, and certainly not least, the Slub Crew brings classic melanges to your feet with sporadic white and coloured knits.

The Anonymousism range of socks is now available both in store and online with all of the finer details after the jump. Do your feet a favour and head on over to grab some pairs, you won’t regret it, and neither will your feet!

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Tender Co. FW17

9/8/2017 12:08 PM

Every season Tender Co. deliver us meticulously crafted garments combined with unique natural dyes. This season, the British label utilises two specific colours Prussian Blue, and Yellow Ochre. Prussian Blue is an indigo-like dark blue pigment traditionally used in paints, and blueprints of yesteryear, and even an antidote for heavy metal poisoning. Yellow Ochre is a heavily hydrated iron oxide natural earth pigment, when used as a dye gives us a rich mustard powder finish to the garments.

The Type 944 Lined Folded Morning Coat comes over-dyed in Prussian Blue. Crafted in England each jacket is cut from cotton canvas, woven on an ecru warp with a twisted red, white and blue weft. The body of the jacket is fully lined with a Loomstate ecru wool blanket material.

The Type 440 folded pocket shirt comes to us in both Prussian Blue, and Yellow Ochre dyed wool-cotton barber stripe. Crafted in England from a woven cotton calico with tonal weft stripes of ecru wool that is inspired by traditional barber poles. The front panels of the shirt are folded back to form wide pockets curved and bound with custom-made ecru cotton bias binding, and then riveted. Perfectly paired off with the Type 944 Coat.

The subtle stripes continue with a trio of Yarn Striped Reverse Terry Socks. Coming to us in a natural un-dyed Ecru, and over-dyed Prussian Blue, and Yellow Ochre. In all honesty, the best socks you’ll ever slide your feet into, the Type 007 socks feature a tonally striped rib shaft knitted from ecru cotton, and ecru mohair yarns, core-spun with nylon for durability.

With Tender Co. everything down to the keyring are crafted with pride and purpose, leaving no stone unturned, the Type 011 Ball Keyring are cast from solid yellow brass or white bronze before been polished with marble chips. Sitting aside them, the Type 011 Baby Elephant Keyring in black steel. Cut and ground from a solid steel plate the shape is based on Tender’s elephant logo, but wait it’s not just for your keys, it’s also good for popping open a cold beverage with its sturdy trunk.

Examine the great detail that Tender Co. has put into each piece both in store and online with all of the finer details after the jump…

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Anonymousism Socks

3/8/2017 8:54 AM

Japanese sock artisans Anonymousism have delivered their latest selection of intricately woven socks to keep your feet covered. Ranging from meticulously woven melanges through to navajo patterns, tie-dyes, and even patchwork, Anonymousism craft each pair with upmost care in Japan.

This season’s offerings ensure your feet stay cozy and correct with a range of mixed melange two-packs in grey/red, and grey/brown along with some classic ribbed three-packs in either indigo or navy. Adding a hit of colour to your feet with their mock rib crew socks in navy and red, or go all out with the aforementioned striped tie-dye in navy, and red. Alongside these sits both navy, and yellow renditions of their signature patchwork socks, and navajo-esque beacon crew socks in beige and indigo. If high socks aren’t your thing, Anonymousism also have your feet covered this season with something a little lower with the lowfer in indigo and navy.

For all of the latest offerings from Anonymous, head in store and online now. For a closer look at all of the finer details from the Japanese label, continue reading after the jump…

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Chup Socks

12/19/2016 8:54 AM

Everybody's favourite socks CHUP have landed both in store and online. The Japanese crafted socks come to us in their uniquely woven intricate patterns ready to cover your feet. Keeping it festive this season, their tentatively titled Santa pattern wraps your feet with jolly old saint nick in Brown, Navy, and Red. These sit neatly alongside their coveted fair isle woven patterns with the Fear Olann, Kogin, and Churro patterns coming to us in a blend of cotton or wool.

This season’s ranges from CHUP are now available in store at our 15 McKillop, and 208 Little Collins Street, and ‘Gift Emporium’ Pop-Up as well as online. for a closer look at all of the finer details, continue reading after the jump…

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Maple Jewellery & Accessories

11/16/2016 11:54 AM

This seasons collection of Maple welcomes the addition of the Bolo Necklace and Bracelet in Black as well as some handcrafted sterling silver goods. As seen here on ‘3-chainz Jamez’ the classic Bolo bracelet’s and necklace’s complement each other perfectly when grouped together.

The sterling silver collection introduces to us the Human Ring which features design cues inspired by the Haida & Gitxan cultures of the Pacific Northwest which have been conceptualized by artist Shawn Edenshaw. We also have the Totem Necklace in 925 Silver and the Silver Wrap ring which has been hand etched by Native Canadian Justin Rivard, implementing methods passed down through the generations. If you’re not into wearing jewellery, there is also the two leather Jobber keyrings as well as the Long Tails key hook in Black and Brown.

For detailed shots of each item keep reading after the jump, head in store or jump over to the Maple brand section of the online store.

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Maple Jewellery & Accessories

10/21/2016 12:35 PM

Maple have delivered their latest ranges of jewellery and accessories with a selection of rings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, key chains, and socks. Starting it all off with Maple’s series of 925 silver Human Ring, Silver Wrap Ring, and Totem Necklace. The Human Ring features a profiled skull motif conceptualised by artist Shawn Edenshaw, sitting alongside the Silver Wrap Ring and its meticulously hand carved and etched details, and the sterling silver chain and leather combination Totem Necklace.

This season’s necklaces and bracelets come to us in the form of the Bolo, taking inspiration from the Americana styled Bolo Tie and taking it to new heights with a black leather lace core, and glass beads before finishing it off with sterling silver beads. The Bolo Bracelets are available in Black, Navy, and Red as well as the Bolo Necklaces in Black, Red, and Navy.

Keeping your keys in check this season, Maple have their Jobber Key Ring combining leather and laced details with a snap closed loop, and standard key ring in Black and Brown. The Long Tails Key Hook comes to us in Black and Brown, and features a braided suede long tail as well as a sailor’s key hook with quick release snap.

Last and certainly not least, Maple have a selection of their coveted Japanese Crafted Socks to keep your feet cozy. Their Speckle Ribbed Socks come to us in Beige, Charcoal, Heather Grey, and Navy, and as their namesake suggests their a take on the classic ribbed sock with a speckled detail and expert Japanese craftsmanship spinning them together.

The entirety of this season’s ranges from Maple can now be found in store at our Level 1/15 McKillop Street store as well as online. For a closer look at all of the finer details of the range continue reading after the jump.

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Anonymousism Socks

8/15/2016 4:57 PM

Japanese sock craftsmen Anonymousism have delivered their latest selections. Welcoming the brand to our shelves with a series of uniquely woven socks crafted with passion and pride in Japan. Their first range includes a series of their 5 Colour Mix Socks blending a hearty cotton of varied yarns into eye-catching Blue, Olive, and Orange melanges. The Tweed Nep Crew Socks come to us in a two-toned Black, Navy, and Wine with each of the woollen blends featuring accenting toes, heel, and cuff. Lastly but certainly not least, Anonymousism throw a little patchwork and Indigo together for a unique twist on the wardrobe staple.

All of the selections from Anonymousism’s range of socks are now available at both McKillop Street and Little Collins Street stores as well as online. For all of the finer details continue reading after the jump.

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Chup Socks

7/28/2016 2:09 PM

Japanese sock connoisseurs Chup have delivered their latest selections for the season. Their intricately woven socks span over vibrantly coloured geometric, aztec, and fair isle patterns. Each pair is expertly crafted with care in Japan slowly woven and then finished by hand-linking the toe for extra durability. Atop their intricate patterns, Chup have introduced their ‘White Label’ selections combining cable knit styled weaving with the traditional melanges to produce some classic wardrobe staples.

The entire range of this season’s Chup socks is now available in store at both our McKillop and Little Collins street stores as well as online. Continue reading after the jump for all of the finer details of this season’s collection

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