Kapital Fall/Winter 2018 Delivery II

Hailing from the jean capital of Japan, Kojima, Kapitals' mastery of denim and menswear has ensured its stance as a formidable player within the menswear scene since its inception in 1984. The label reimagines mid-century Americana, utilising heritage production techniques to create designs which invoke an authentic workwear feel.

It is the brands unique approach to reimagining a time which has since passed us by, which so uniquely allows it to bring an eclectic aesthetic, and modern feel, to their meticulously crafted range of menswear.

With durability, and a want to be worn, at the surface of everything the brand produces, it is inevitable that pieces from the brands latest offerings will capture the attention of all — a mission they have successfully accomplished. Bestowing upon us an exquisite range of outerwear, alongside a head-turning tote bag, Kapital has left little doubt surrounding its ability to capture the attention of any, and all, fortunate enough to see their products.

Paying homage to the ancient indigenous people of Japan, Kapital makes an immediate splash this season with a pair of ‘Attus Kakashi Shirts’, both featuring the traditional AINU patch. This offering has landed on the Up There shelves in both a 10oz variety, proudly displaying a red Ainu patch, upon the beautifully curated Indigo Japanese Denim. The piece is also offered in an 8oz version, which features an overdyed AINU patch.

With reimagined notions of authentic workwear guiding the Kapital image, ‘The Lining Deck Jacket - Indigo’ represents the brands take on the traditional deck jacket. Featuring a soft feel 8oz denim, a purposefully irregular button pattern, and a number of playful touches, the jacket is completed by an ultra cozy quilted lining, and interior pocket.

Never one to dismiss accessories, Kapital rounds out this seasons collection with their renowned ‘Canvas Milk Bag - Black’. Providing the perfect combination of unique styling, durability, and practicality, for those searching for the bag to last a life time, the brands most recent foray into the luggage category has certainly caused a commotion, and left us here at Up There very envious of those fortunate enough to purchase it.

Kapital can be both found online and in store at Level 1/15 McKillop Street. For all of the finer details of their latest arrivals, continue reading after the jump.

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