Anonymousism Socks FW17

9/13/2017 1:48 PM

If there’s one thing you can never have too many of it’s socks and if there’s one thing Japan’s Anonymousism know how to do, it’s make one damn fine pair of socks. Crafted in Japan, each pair is woven from soft and durable fibres ready to endure day in day out wear and still looking good at the same time. This season’s range covers not only patterns, but classic melanges keeping your feet correct regardless of the occasion.

The Wigwam takes on a traditional native american pattern representing the traditional homes tribes would live in across an array of accenting colours. The Cowichan as it’s name might suggest takes inspiration from traditional British-Columbian knitwear with each pair donning an accenting totem emblem front and centre. Returning is Anonymousism’s signature Patchwork, with an array of colours simulating traditional patchwork repairs in an array of colours. Lastly, and certainly not least, the Slub Crew brings classic melanges to your feet with sporadic white and coloured knits.

The Anonymousism range of socks is now available both in store and online with all of the finer details after the jump. Do your feet a favour and head on over to grab some pairs, you won’t regret it, and neither will your feet!

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Indigo Robes SS17 Collection

5/9/2017 10:59 AM

As always Indigo Robes has delivered us a clear-cut collection, boasting amazing fabrics and comfortable new styles. We would like to introduce the Workers Jacket and the Lazy Pants as the flavours of this season.

The Workers Jacket is brought to us in two durable Japanese Herringbone fabrics, the first in a military olive and the second in a boucle indigo. As it was with traditional workwear, these are both made to be respectfully disrespected and put to the test.

Taking cues from functional mountaineering pants and traditional Judo pants, the Lazy Pant is the epitome of comfort! Available in Black and Olive Japanese Cotton Sateen featuring large front fatigue pockets, an inbuilt climber’s nylon belt and looser fitting leg.

Accompanying the new additions this season we have some of Indigo Robes’ well-known shirting styles. We welcome back the BD Shirt in a selvedge oxford in White and Light Blue. The selvedge oxford adds a slightly more substantial feel to the shirt as well as making it even more long lasting.

The third BD shirt comes to us in an Indigo Linen which has an incredibly soft hand feel and nice subtle check detailing. Last and definitely not least we have the Badger shirt in an indigo overdyed striped fabric. Overtime the Indigo will fade out with wear to reveal amazing contrast between the stripes, white stitching and the Indigo dye.

Available now in store and online, be sure to come and check out this seasons Indigo Robes for some guaranteed winners!

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Chup Socks

4/21/2017 12:48 PM

Japanese sock connoisseurs Chup have delivered their latest selection of intricately patterned socks along with a collaboration with fellow Japanese label FDMTL.

Meticulously crafted in Japan, this season’s selections take denim label FDMTL’s signature sashiko patchwork patterning, taking the Black and Blue colourways onto a pair of Chup’s socks. Sitting alongside is the Tenido in Black, Cream, and Khaki, taking a navajo inspired patterning from your shins to your toes. If the Tenido is intricate enough for you, the Kevat takes it to the next level with a mixture of vibrant colours woven seamlessly into Blue, Green, and Grey colourways.

The collection is now available in store at our Level 1/15 McKillop Street store as well as online. For a closer look at all of the finer details, continue reading after the jump.

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Kapital Spring/Summer 2017

3/29/2017 4:34 PM

After Kapital’s successful introduction to Up There last season, we’re delighted to walk you through our newest delivery from the Japanese stalwart. We welcome back probably the most popular Kapital jacket the Ring Coat, yes the one Drake wears, in Black and Khaki Katsuragi Cotton. Worn over the top of a popular classic, the Katmandu Patchwork Shirt in Indigo.

Kapital’s style portfolio is vast, which is exciting for us, it means that as we grow with the brand we will be able to introduce our customers to new styles and silhouettes each season.

Two new silhouettes for us this season are the Denim Ringoman Coverall One Wash and the Broad Cloth Anorak Shirt. The Denim Ringoman Coverall is made out of a 12 oz. indigo denim and features some very unique asymmetrical front pockets along with a slanted back pocket. Worn underneath the Coverall is the Broad Cloth Anorak Shirt which also features large pouch pockets on the chest. Inspired by vintage workwear, this shirt is made from a cotton broad cloth and has an exceptionally soft hand feel.

Rounding out the clothing selection we also have the Gauze Bonzu Hiyoku Shirt and the Jersey Crew Pocket Tee in Indigo which will fade and patina with wear. With any Kapital order it is always a must to order some of their Bandanas and Scarves. This season we ordered the Big Fringe Bandana Stole Paisley in Navy, the Selvedge Bandana with Chief print in Navy and Black and also the Bloom print in Navy and Black. If you want to be as steezy as Drake be sure to check out the collection in store and online now!

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Mountain Research SS17

3/27/2017 3:18 PM

Our second season with the Research. group has us introducing one of their more well known collections, Mountain Research. Much like General Research, each piece in the Mountain Research range is designed with functionality and purpose in mind.

The first and probably the most iconic item in the range is the Game Pocket Hoody in Black. With fishing inspired specifications and detailing throughout the jacket Mountain Research have turned what may look like a plain black parka to some, into a vastly technical jacket. Starting with a water repellent cotton outer, the Game Pocket Hoody boasts removable sleeves and hem, in order for you to wear it as a vest, shorter fishing jacket or alternatively customise the jacket with different sleeves and hems from future or past collections. You really could spend all day going through all the details this jacket boasts, I’ll leave the rest for you to explore.

Next up we have two styles of trouser. The first is the Piped Stem Pant to match the Game Pocket Hoody. Featuring the same water repellent fabric, in a somewhat more classic style of chino. These trousers features are slightly less obvious, including a piped seam with white tapes on the fold of the hem and synch back. The second trouser is the Bootleg Pant which again is jam-packed full of details. Made from a Herringbone cotton fabric the Bootleg Pants feature a zip fly the whole way through the crotch, a built in belt and incredibly spacious patch pockets on the front. These are an amazingly comfortable trouser in a more relaxed fit.

Lastly we have the G.S.T.Q T-Shirt made in Japan using only the highest quality heavy ounce cotton. Originally made famous by the Sex Pistols in 1977 the ‘God Save the Queen’ image is embroidered on the front of the T-Shirt.

I recommend coming in store to have a look through the collection in person, but if you don’t have that luxury head through to the online store to check out detail shots of each item. Each item is available in extremely limited numbers so do the right thing and treat yourself!

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Anonymousism Socks

3/8/2017 8:54 AM

Japanese sock artisans Anonymousism have delivered their latest selection of intricately woven socks to keep your feet covered. Ranging from meticulously woven melanges through to navajo patterns, tie-dyes, and even patchwork, Anonymousism craft each pair with upmost care in Japan.

This season’s offerings ensure your feet stay cozy and correct with a range of mixed melange two-packs in grey/red, and grey/brown along with some classic ribbed three-packs in either indigo or navy. Adding a hit of colour to your feet with their mock rib crew socks in navy and red, or go all out with the aforementioned striped tie-dye in navy, and red. Alongside these sits both navy, and yellow renditions of their signature patchwork socks, and navajo-esque beacon crew socks in beige and indigo. If high socks aren’t your thing, Anonymousism also have your feet covered this season with something a little lower with the lowfer in indigo and navy.

For all of the latest offerings from Anonymous, head in store and online now. For a closer look at all of the finer details from the Japanese label, continue reading after the jump…

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orSlow Spring/Summer 2017

2/22/2017 2:18 PM

Japan’s orSlow have delivered their unique blend of military and workwear garments from yesteryear with their latest collection.

Kicking their season off with their latest variation of their signature Coverall. The ‘Vintage’ One Wash jacket features a soft shade of indigo with tonal stitching. All of the finite details don the jacket with a series of patch utility pockets, and heavily detailed cast buttons to match.

A series of wardrobe staples sit neatly in the collection with their classic Button Down Shirts. orSlow deliver both Chambray and White Cotton variations to complete your wardrobe. Crafted from soft hand-feel cottons, each shirt features a single chest pocket with v-stitch detail and curved hem ready to be worn tucked or untucked. Keeping your head covered, orSlow have some denim for your heads with their US Navy Hats. The rinsed wash bucket hat features a heavy-duty indigo denim with accenting white stitching that runs constantly around the brim, and keep the sun off.

Not forgetting your legs, orSlow have delivered their signature range of 105 Standard Denim. The duo both come washed, with a rich ‘one wash’ rinse and ‘two year’ wash with some distress giving variation to the indigo and washed out white beneath. Both pairs are crafted from richly textured Japanese selvedge denim and finished with heavy-duty cast hardware. Running the same indigo hues into the carry, orSlow have delivered their Mixed Denim Tote. Mixing various stages of washed denim each panel contrasts the next before running inside for a single pocket for a little carry separation.

This season’s selections from orSlow are now available in store at our Level 1/15 McKillop Street store as well as online. For all of the finer details of this season’s collection, continue reading after the jump.

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The Superior Labor SS17

2/6/2017 2:11 PM

As a new season arrives, as does a fresh delivery from Up There mainstays The Superior Labor. Founded in 2007 by genius designer and master craftsman Makoto Kawai and his wife Yoshimi, The Superior Labor are all about outstanding design, high quality materials and an unparalleled attention to detail, which is why we love them! Their old school processes and approach to craftsmanship is carried out with the pride that is such an integral part of Japanese artistry. Resulting in accessories that are 100% hand-crafted from their inception, accessories that are not only optically beautiful and tactilely enjoyable, but also extremely practical and hard-wearing. Fully justifying The Superior Labor motto of “We take pride in craftsmanship and never skimp on time and effort.”.

There’s something sincerely gratifying about knowing your everyday essentials are expertly crafted by hand and won’t fail you when you need them most. This has never been more prevalent than in The Superior Labor’s latest delivery. Featuring a number of everyday items that are never given much thought, but need to stand up to the riggers of daily use. Kicking things off are the ‘Tank’, ‘Umbrella Bottle’ and ‘Coffee Mug’ three leather, vessel carrying articles that ensure we stay hydrated, fuelled and caffeinated, ready to take on the day. All crafted from natural leather with debossed branding. With the ’Tank’ and ‘Umbrella Bottle’ also having adjustable shoulder straps.

The leather theme continues, with a classic key wrap in natural, brown and black and a holder for under appreciated lighter, coming to us in black and brown and featuring gold, debossed branding as well as a key ring to keep it out of reach of the ever present and cunning lighter thief. Next up is a trio of cotton Garden Hats, featuring a deep fit and gold pin branding, available in navy, khaki and beige, perfect for keeping the February sun at bay. Moving onto the Cozy Hat in camel, a slightly shallower fit compared to the Garden Hat, but equally as impressive, coming to us in buttery, buttery suede. TSL also have our jewellery needs covered, with the Fine Ring and Flat Face Bangle, both in 925 silver or brass and both displaying an endearing hand forged look with subtle stamped branding, understated and timeless. We have also received a re-stock in the ever reliable and versatile Melange Socks, available in red, khaki and blue, the perfect sock for any occasion, steadfast and indestructible. And lastly, what better way to carry all your artisanally crafted goods than in one of The Superior Labor’s Tie Shoulder Bags, cotton with leather detailing and plenty of room to store all your daily essentials.

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General Research Package

12/20/2016 3:50 PM

General Research Package has made its way to our shelves for the first time. The influential Japanese label has immersed itself, blending a fine line between traditional and contemporary throughout their ranges. Bringing form and function to each garment, General Research creates each piece with upmost respect and expert craftsmanship.

This season’s collection takes on the traditional Yokosuka Jacket or as most of us know them ‘Souvenir Jacket’. The traditional reversible piece of outerwear is crafted from a satin outer with a reversible quilted side. Both sides pay respect to places, landmarks, and mythical creatures with tonal black embroidery in heavy detail. The Belted Duffle Coat takes on its traditional namesake. The wooden body is semi constructed and reinforced at the seams before adding patch pockets, and tanned leather buckles. As an added extra each duffle coat is paired off with a matching vest for added warmth. Their best example of blending multi-purposed garments together is the Phisherman’s Tail Jacket. This light-weight woollen jacket is paired off with a unique fisherman’s utility vest. Each of its zip and pouch pockets will have you ready to pack up hooks, and lures for a cast off on the pier or a night on the town.

Moving onto shirting and accessories, General Research have their Game Shirt. Again as it’s name suggests, this white button down is not average, it’s got mad pocket game. Pouch pocket wrap around the shirt along with finite detailing that runs through to the curved cuff for your watch face to remain visible. Lastly, General Research’s accessories have you covered with their Horse Blanket. Ready to be worn as a poncho or stole, this multi purpose piece is crafted from wool and finished with natural leather straps with buckles. Having your head covered with a classic Cricket Hat with sax and wine stripes from traditional rugby league jumpers of the 1900’s and finished with their signature ‘A’ standing for Anarcho Mountaineers.

The range can now be found both in store and online along with all of the finer details after the jump.

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Outfit Of The Week 19/12/2016

12/19/2016 12:33 PM

Mr. Mannequin’s taken some time out walking the laneways of melbourne to enjoy his morning coffee. Relaxing in his weekly selections from Indigo Robes, Made In Japan, Norse Projects, Mikia, Moscot, and New Balance. Kicking it all off this week with a combination of Indigo Robes’ Chambray Badger Shirt in Sax paired off with a pair of Moscot’s Nebb Sunglasses in Black, and Mikia’s Navy and White Bandana Bracelets. His morning coffee of course poured into one of Made In Japan’s ceramic cups available in our ‘Gift Emporium’ pop-up store. Heading down to the lower half of this week’s outfit and Mr. Mannequin’s opted for a pair of Norse Projects’ Sten Light Military Chinos in Dried Olive before lacing up a pair of New Balance’s M995GR to finish it all off.

Has he outdone himself this week? To find out for yourself, continue reading over the jump for all of the finer details, or head in store and online to grab all of the pieces individually.

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