Anonymousism Socks

4/1/2019 2:05 PM

Anonymousism Socks SS19

Japanese sock specialists and in-house favourites Anonymousism have delivered their latest seasonal assortments. From patchwork, to spots/dots, and even som hand-dyed indigo numbers, they've well and truely got your feet covered.

These season's selections sees the return of the Patchwork Crew in Ivory, Black and Navy. Some new contendors bring a selection of dots in Black, Gold, and Off-White, and Welcome Crew in Black, Blue, Off-White, and Red. Rounding it all down for the season, Anonymousism present a series of hand-dyed inigo Shibori Tye-Dye in a trio of light and dark shades with Indigo, Navy, and Violet.

Pair them off with your latest pick-ups from our selections at Lower Grounds in store and online now!

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Mikia Jewellery SS19

2/27/2019 4:05 PM

Mikia Jewellery SS19

Japanese jewellery artisans Mikia deliver their latest range of bracelets and necklaces for the season.

Our personal favourite 8mm Bead Bracelets return this time around Mikia utilise a series of Turquoise, Labradorite, and Spiderweb Obsidian alongside accenting handcrafted beads.

New additions for the season bring a minimal silk braided Snake Clip Bracelet in a series of Lapis, Garnet, Saphire, and Onyx. Each of the bracelets combine the brands love of snakes and mountaineering to create the Snake Clip Carabiner each braid is finished off with. Perfect on their own or paired off with the 8mm bracelet in a duet.

Mikia finish off their selections with the Bottle Cap Necklace. Made entirely out of 925 silver this necklace will remind you of that beach side holiday, spent popping bottles of ice-cool beer or cola! Available in Silver and iodised Silver/Black.

Grab a closer look at Mikia’s offerings both in store and online now, or take a closer look at the finer details of the ranges after the jump...

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orSlow 105 Stand Denim Up There Special

We’ve teamed up with Japanese label orSlow to create our very own rendition of their signature 105 Standard Jeans.

We can’t fault their 105 silhouette, the classic fitting straight leg jean has become a wardrobe staple for the store over the past few years. Their 5 pocket denim is built to last using the most traditional methods of construction and premium denims from Japan.

The ‘Up There Special’ 105 Standard Jean takes their black denim and at the hands of their skilled artisans goes through a series of hand distressed techniques, repairs and washes. This gives us a special damaged look and a unique black to grey haze and subtle whiskering/hige.

The ‘Up There Special’ 105 Standard denim is available in store and online now alongside the rest of orSlow’s denim selections. For all of the finer details, continue reading after the jump...

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9/17/2018 9:28 AM

Kapital FW18

Hailing from the jean capital of Japan, Kojima, Kapital’s mastery of denim and menswear has ensured its stance as a formidable player within the menswear scene since its inception in 1984. The label reimagines mid-century Americana, utilising heritage production techniques to create designs which invoke an authentic workwear feel.

It is the brands unique approach to reimagining a time which has since passed us by, which so uniquely allows it to bring an eclectic aesthetic and modern feel to its meticulously crafted range of menswear.

With durability, and a want to be worn, at the surface of everything the brand produces, it is inevitable that pieces from the brands latest offerings will capture the attention of all who have the opportunity to see and interact with them.

Pieces such as the ‘Ringoman Cargo Pants’ and ‘Ivy Western Shirt’ borrow heavily from the brands affinity for reimagined pieces from a time gone by, sat alongside for innovative designs in the form of the ‘IDG Fleecy Knit Sweat Pants’ and Kapital’s ever reliant ‘Katsuragi Napped Cotton Ring Coat,’ little doubt exists that the brand is perfectly suited to not only keeping you cozy through the colder months, but also ensuring that any, and all, fortunate enough to purchase one of their pieces will be turning heads out on the streets.

With stand out items in this season's offerings coming in the form of the ‘Kamakura Anorak Blouson 60/40 Cloth’ Jacket — a piece designed to be tailored and utilised in a multitude of forms, and fashions to suit the preference of its user — and the beautifully minimalistic ‘Jubbahn Shirt’ — which brings together a range of beautiful details including a dyed corduroy collar, and meticulously intricate sewn patches — we here at Up There are particularly excited by what Kapital has to offer, and buoyed by the opportunity to share the brands aesthetic and craftsmanship with you.

Ps. Take the time to check out this true masterclass in practicality showcased through the versatile ‘Kamakura Anorak Blouson 60/40 Cloth’ Jacket.

Kapital can both found online and in store at Level 1/15 McKillop Street.

For all of the finer details of their latest arrivals, continue reading after the jump.

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Chup Socks

6/4/2018 8:42 AM

Chup Socks SS18

Never sacrificing quality, and always bringing the most unique and inspired designs, CHUP - Classical Humans Universal Piece - has blessed us with their latest instalment of meticulously crafted socks just in time for winter!

An in-house original brand by Japanese textile and sock manufacturing specialists GLEN CLYDE, CHUP’s signature all over designs draw inspiration from various indigenous tribes globally, with the aim to ultimately provide a high quality and intricate aesthetic, critically paired with a comfortable yet enduring feel on foot.

Finished by hand by master craftsmen, the latest iteration by CHUP brings the Modoko, Niyol, Terio and Rio Grande designs to Up There Store, and dictates that regardless of the occasion CHUP has the design and sock for you!

At $36 a pair, you’ll find the latest range from CHUP both online and in store at Level 1/15 McKillop Street.

For all of the finer details of their latest arrivals, continue reading after the jump.

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orSlow Spring/Summer 2018

2/21/2018 5:33 PM

orSlow Spring/Summer 2018

Since 2005 Ichiro Nakutsa has developed this beautiful denim and workwear influenced label using his vast personal archive of authentic denim & workwear to inspire each of his collections .Having risen to our preferred maker of all things denim, the Japanese, workwear specialists have dropped off their latest from a consistently solid range.

Receiving a full re-stock of their classic 105 Standard Jean, coming to us in both 2 year and one wash variations. A complete size run of the more contemporary 107 Slim Fit Jean, again in both 2 year and one wash variations. Included in our delivery were some of the brand’s always-popular Vintage Fit Army Fatigue Pants. Made in a heavy cotton canvas. Featuring a button closure and a cinch waist. The wider fitting pant incorporates large front patch pockets and two back flap pockets.

Everything mentioned above, as well as two playful renditions of the US Navy Hat are available in-store and online now!

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Blurhms SS18

1/29/2018 4:08 PM

Blurhms SS18 Lookbook

We’d like to formally introduce you all to Japanese label Blurhms.

What exactly is Blurhms? Well… Blurhms is a slang expression which is combined “blur” and “hmm…”.

The label produces each piece, with heavy though, giving us the best garments possible. Striving to create long life products, the range is crafted from soft, comfortable fabrics, crafted with form and function in mind. Not only are they built and designed to outlast each season, each garment has a comfortable and easy to wear sensibility.

Blurhms SS18 Lookbook

Giving us a selection of outerwear, shirting, tees, and pants for the season, Blurhms brings khaki and military tones to a series of lightweight teflon coated nylons, washed cottons, and silk cotton blends.

Key pieces like their Kendo Jacket, and Utility Shirt utilise the water repellant teflon coated nylons, whilst the likes of the classic Chore Coat and Band Collar Shirt take on soft cupro cottons, and tightly woven light oxfords.

Again thriving off the military theme, these comfy and cozy fabrics run through to the Light Herringbone Field Pants. The rough textured ribbed outer of the Rough and Smooth Tees are met with a soft feel on the inner and a loose fit for extra comfort. If that’s not enough for you, Blurhms rounds out the range with one of the most comfortable if not most comfortable T-Shirts on our shelves with the Silk Cotton Jersey Crewnecks.

For a close look at the entire range, continue reading after the jump, and head in store to our Level 1/15 McKillop Street location to check the range out first hand.

For those of you that can’t make it in-store the full Blurhms range is now available through our online store too!

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Maple Accessories FW17

11/2/2017 1:33 PM

Maple have delivered their latest accessories and jewellery selections for the season. Their signature pacific bracelets and necklaces return for the season, this time around receiving a silver upgrade with a natural leather core. A new addition to the bracelet selections for the season we’ve got the Misery Whip. The leather wrap around bracelets come to us in Black, Brown, and Tan and feature Maple’s signature charm and strong magnetic closure.

A season of Maple wouldn’t be complete without their Heritage Socks coming to us in Beige, Black, Blue, Orange, and Purple. Keeping your necks in check with some checks atop their Black, and Navy Stoles. Rounding off the seasonal selections from Maple, they’ve delivered some felted wool desk trays to keep all of your jewellery safe, sound, and scratch free in Brown, Charcoal, and Navy.

For all of our latest season arrivals from Maple and stable of brands head in store and online now. To catch a glimpse of the finer details of Maple’s latest range, continue reading after the jump…

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Kapital FW17

10/19/2017 9:11 AM

Japanese label Kapital have delivered their unique blend of traditional and contemporary menswear with their latest seasonal selections. Kicking it all off, we’ve got two iterations of the signature Ring Coat. The Kapital Chino Herringbone Boro Ring Coat, as its namesake suggests combines an indigo herringbone fabric with the very traditional patchwork repaired boro fabric that takes over the hood. The Katsuragi Cotton Ring Coat comes in a taller cut this season bringing a full length trench style body to the signature military styled coat.

This season’s shirting selections bring the ever-classic Chambray Work Shirt to life with cats, cats, and nothing but cats embroidered in all the right places. Sitting alongside is the Broad Cloth Anorak Shirt in Navy bringing the traditional army field ration uniform together with vintage workwear. Keeping your legs covered this season, Kapital continues the military inspired garments with the Light Canvas Ringoman Cargo Pants. The heavy-duty cargo canvas features a signature and quirky oversized pocket combination giving your cargos that point of difference from everyone else. For some more indigo vibes, this season Kapital have delivered their Century Denim in a fully tonal natural indigo dyed finish. The Century Denim’s signature sashimi style over stitched pattern gives an amazing tonal texture that will only look better with daily wears and washes.

This season’s accessories bring a little boro to your headwear with the Hand Knit Tugihagi Cap. Sitting alongside Kapital’s signature Selvedge Bandanas to complete the collection.

Head in store and online now to check out the ranges first hand or continue reading after the jump for a look at all of the finer details...

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Anonymousism Socks FW17

9/13/2017 1:48 PM

If there’s one thing you can never have too many of it’s socks and if there’s one thing Japan’s Anonymousism know how to do, it’s make one damn fine pair of socks. Crafted in Japan, each pair is woven from soft and durable fibres ready to endure day in day out wear and still looking good at the same time. This season’s range covers not only patterns, but classic melanges keeping your feet correct regardless of the occasion.

The Wigwam takes on a traditional native american pattern representing the traditional homes tribes would live in across an array of accenting colours. The Cowichan as it’s name might suggest takes inspiration from traditional British-Columbian knitwear with each pair donning an accenting totem emblem front and centre. Returning is Anonymousism’s signature Patchwork, with an array of colours simulating traditional patchwork repairs in an array of colours. Lastly, and certainly not least, the Slub Crew brings classic melanges to your feet with sporadic white and coloured knits.

The Anonymousism range of socks is now available both in store and online with all of the finer details after the jump. Do your feet a favour and head on over to grab some pairs, you won’t regret it, and neither will your feet!

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