4/1/2019 1:26 PM

Maple SS19 Jewellery

Canadian natives Maple have delivered their latest arrangement of accessories for the season. Keeping our heads, necks, and fingers sorted with a range of their fine jewellery and headwear.

Kicking it all off with their selection of rings, Maple deliver two of their staples with the Bandana and Eagle Rings. Adding to their selections with a series of silver and onyx combined into their Collegiate, Lightning, and Signet Rings.

A series of classic chains come in the form of both Rolo and Ball styles, with two different lengths these chains can be worn on their own or paired off with the star of this season's selections the Cowboy Pendant.

Rounding it all off for the season, Maple deliver a trio of headwear pieces with the Cowboy Caps. All wrapped up in flight sateen fabric, each cap is finished off with 'COWBOY' insignia on the crest.

Maple can be found in store at our Level 1/15 McKillop Street location as well as online now. For a closer look at the selections continue after the jump or shop the ranges here...

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Mikia Jewellery SS19

2/27/2019 4:05 PM

Mikia Jewellery SS19

Japanese jewellery artisans Mikia deliver their latest range of bracelets and necklaces for the season.

Our personal favourite 8mm Bead Bracelets return this time around Mikia utilise a series of Turquoise, Labradorite, and Spiderweb Obsidian alongside accenting handcrafted beads.

New additions for the season bring a minimal silk braided Snake Clip Bracelet in a series of Lapis, Garnet, Saphire, and Onyx. Each of the bracelets combine the brands love of snakes and mountaineering to create the Snake Clip Carabiner each braid is finished off with. Perfect on their own or paired off with the 8mm bracelet in a duet.

Mikia finish off their selections with the Bottle Cap Necklace. Made entirely out of 925 silver this necklace will remind you of that beach side holiday, spent popping bottles of ice-cool beer or cola! Available in Silver and iodised Silver/Black.

Grab a closer look at Mikia’s offerings both in store and online now, or take a closer look at the finer details of the ranges after the jump...

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Maple Accessories FW17

11/2/2017 1:33 PM

Maple have delivered their latest accessories and jewellery selections for the season. Their signature pacific bracelets and necklaces return for the season, this time around receiving a silver upgrade with a natural leather core. A new addition to the bracelet selections for the season we’ve got the Misery Whip. The leather wrap around bracelets come to us in Black, Brown, and Tan and feature Maple’s signature charm and strong magnetic closure.

A season of Maple wouldn’t be complete without their Heritage Socks coming to us in Beige, Black, Blue, Orange, and Purple. Keeping your necks in check with some checks atop their Black, and Navy Stoles. Rounding off the seasonal selections from Maple, they’ve delivered some felted wool desk trays to keep all of your jewellery safe, sound, and scratch free in Brown, Charcoal, and Navy.

For all of our latest season arrivals from Maple and stable of brands head in store and online now. To catch a glimpse of the finer details of Maple’s latest range, continue reading after the jump…

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Tom Wood Jewellery

5/23/2017 8:19 AM

Tom Wood takes its name from the alter ego of Norwegian designer Mona Jensen. The darkly mysterious well travelled character in which the label takes its namesake embraces functional, yet timeless design with a heavy focus on attention to detail. Utilising exquisite materials, and upmost craftsmanship, Tom Wood produces the unique pieces that are bound for generations to come.

Hitting the shelves at Up There for the very first time, our initial instalment of Tom Wood brings us a selection of signature rings and necklaces. Their simple cut ‘Cushion Rings’ gives a timeless yet contemporary expression, keeping your fingers correct with Black Onyx, Tiger Eye, and Green Marble stones adorning the crest of each ring. For unique metal finishes the Cushion comes with a brushed Satin top, or Gold accent. Adding a subtle offset Black Diamond to round out the selections. For your necks, the Tom Wood range offers ‘The Bullet’. A clean minimalistic design that resembles its namesake crafted from 925 sterling silver and ready to hold a secret message amongst other things inside.

The Tom Wood jewellery range is now available in store at our Level 1/15 McKillop Street location as well as online. For an in-depth look at the selections, continue reading after the jump…

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The Superior Labor SS17

2/6/2017 2:11 PM

As a new season arrives, as does a fresh delivery from Up There mainstays The Superior Labor. Founded in 2007 by genius designer and master craftsman Makoto Kawai and his wife Yoshimi, The Superior Labor are all about outstanding design, high quality materials and an unparalleled attention to detail, which is why we love them! Their old school processes and approach to craftsmanship is carried out with the pride that is such an integral part of Japanese artistry. Resulting in accessories that are 100% hand-crafted from their inception, accessories that are not only optically beautiful and tactilely enjoyable, but also extremely practical and hard-wearing. Fully justifying The Superior Labor motto of “We take pride in craftsmanship and never skimp on time and effort.”.

There’s something sincerely gratifying about knowing your everyday essentials are expertly crafted by hand and won’t fail you when you need them most. This has never been more prevalent than in The Superior Labor’s latest delivery. Featuring a number of everyday items that are never given much thought, but need to stand up to the riggers of daily use. Kicking things off are the ‘Tank’, ‘Umbrella Bottle’ and ‘Coffee Mug’ three leather, vessel carrying articles that ensure we stay hydrated, fuelled and caffeinated, ready to take on the day. All crafted from natural leather with debossed branding. With the ’Tank’ and ‘Umbrella Bottle’ also having adjustable shoulder straps.

The leather theme continues, with a classic key wrap in natural, brown and black and a holder for under appreciated lighter, coming to us in black and brown and featuring gold, debossed branding as well as a key ring to keep it out of reach of the ever present and cunning lighter thief. Next up is a trio of cotton Garden Hats, featuring a deep fit and gold pin branding, available in navy, khaki and beige, perfect for keeping the February sun at bay. Moving onto the Cozy Hat in camel, a slightly shallower fit compared to the Garden Hat, but equally as impressive, coming to us in buttery, buttery suede. TSL also have our jewellery needs covered, with the Fine Ring and Flat Face Bangle, both in 925 silver or brass and both displaying an endearing hand forged look with subtle stamped branding, understated and timeless. We have also received a re-stock in the ever reliable and versatile Melange Socks, available in red, khaki and blue, the perfect sock for any occasion, steadfast and indestructible. And lastly, what better way to carry all your artisanally crafted goods than in one of The Superior Labor’s Tie Shoulder Bags, cotton with leather detailing and plenty of room to store all your daily essentials.

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Maple Jewellery & Accessories

11/16/2016 11:54 AM

This seasons collection of Maple welcomes the addition of the Bolo Necklace and Bracelet in Black as well as some handcrafted sterling silver goods. As seen here on ‘3-chainz Jamez’ the classic Bolo bracelet’s and necklace’s complement each other perfectly when grouped together.

The sterling silver collection introduces to us the Human Ring which features design cues inspired by the Haida & Gitxan cultures of the Pacific Northwest which have been conceptualized by artist Shawn Edenshaw. We also have the Totem Necklace in 925 Silver and the Silver Wrap ring which has been hand etched by Native Canadian Justin Rivard, implementing methods passed down through the generations. If you’re not into wearing jewellery, there is also the two leather Jobber keyrings as well as the Long Tails key hook in Black and Brown.

For detailed shots of each item keep reading after the jump, head in store or jump over to the Maple brand section of the online store.

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Mikia Jewellery

11/11/2016 9:12 AM

Japanese jewellery label Mikia has delivered a refreshing new collection just in time for the Summer. Let’s face it, Summer wardrobes consist ultimately of T-shirts and Shorts, which can get very boring and repetitive. Mikia is the perfect accessory to keep things interesting! Starting with one of the fan favourites, the Bandana bracelets, we also have new renditions of the Suede Bandana necklaces in Onyx, Iron Tigereye and then a combination of Brass with Brown Snow Jasper. To round out the collection we have two Brass Beaded Bracelets with Onyx and Turquoise as well the functional Glass ring necklace in Brass/Brown Snow Jasper which as well as being great looking necklace, provides somewhere for you to store your sunglasses!

Guaranteed to fly off the shelves head in store to try them on for size or head over to the online store for detailed shots.

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Maple Jewellery & Accessories

10/21/2016 12:35 PM

Maple have delivered their latest ranges of jewellery and accessories with a selection of rings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, key chains, and socks. Starting it all off with Maple’s series of 925 silver Human Ring, Silver Wrap Ring, and Totem Necklace. The Human Ring features a profiled skull motif conceptualised by artist Shawn Edenshaw, sitting alongside the Silver Wrap Ring and its meticulously hand carved and etched details, and the sterling silver chain and leather combination Totem Necklace.

This season’s necklaces and bracelets come to us in the form of the Bolo, taking inspiration from the Americana styled Bolo Tie and taking it to new heights with a black leather lace core, and glass beads before finishing it off with sterling silver beads. The Bolo Bracelets are available in Black, Navy, and Red as well as the Bolo Necklaces in Black, Red, and Navy.

Keeping your keys in check this season, Maple have their Jobber Key Ring combining leather and laced details with a snap closed loop, and standard key ring in Black and Brown. The Long Tails Key Hook comes to us in Black and Brown, and features a braided suede long tail as well as a sailor’s key hook with quick release snap.

Last and certainly not least, Maple have a selection of their coveted Japanese Crafted Socks to keep your feet cozy. Their Speckle Ribbed Socks come to us in Beige, Charcoal, Heather Grey, and Navy, and as their namesake suggests their a take on the classic ribbed sock with a speckled detail and expert Japanese craftsmanship spinning them together.

The entirety of this season’s ranges from Maple can now be found in store at our Level 1/15 McKillop Street store as well as online. For a closer look at all of the finer details of the range continue reading after the jump.

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