It’s time to wrap your feet up in a selection of melange and patterned socks with renditions of the wardrobe staple from Chup, Norse Projects, and Superior Labor. Japanese label Chup deliver a range of their intricately woven patterns across an array of accenting colours, these sit alongside their latest range of ‘White Label’ socks focussing on premium construction mixing melange with detailed knits. Sticking with the Japanese craftsmanship, Superior Labor continue to dish out their range of premium melange socks, adding to the mix with a range of natural, indigo dyed and striped socks. Lastly and surely not least, Norse Projects enter into the realm of socks for another season with their range of Bjarki socks, with each pair taking melanges to another level.

Keep your feet covered with our ranges of socks both in store and online, making sure to check out all of the finer details of our latest arrivals after the jump.

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