General Research Package

12/20/2016 3:50 PM

General Research Package has made its way to our shelves for the first time. The influential Japanese label has immersed itself, blending a fine line between traditional and contemporary throughout their ranges. Bringing form and function to each garment, General Research creates each piece with upmost respect and expert craftsmanship.

This season’s collection takes on the traditional Yokosuka Jacket or as most of us know them ‘Souvenir Jacket’. The traditional reversible piece of outerwear is crafted from a satin outer with a reversible quilted side. Both sides pay respect to places, landmarks, and mythical creatures with tonal black embroidery in heavy detail. The Belted Duffle Coat takes on its traditional namesake. The wooden body is semi constructed and reinforced at the seams before adding patch pockets, and tanned leather buckles. As an added extra each duffle coat is paired off with a matching vest for added warmth. Their best example of blending multi-purposed garments together is the Phisherman’s Tail Jacket. This light-weight woollen jacket is paired off with a unique fisherman’s utility vest. Each of its zip and pouch pockets will have you ready to pack up hooks, and lures for a cast off on the pier or a night on the town.

Moving onto shirting and accessories, General Research have their Game Shirt. Again as it’s name suggests, this white button down is not average, it’s got mad pocket game. Pouch pocket wrap around the shirt along with finite detailing that runs through to the curved cuff for your watch face to remain visible. Lastly, General Research’s accessories have you covered with their Horse Blanket. Ready to be worn as a poncho or stole, this multi purpose piece is crafted from wool and finished with natural leather straps with buckles. Having your head covered with a classic Cricket Hat with sax and wine stripes from traditional rugby league jumpers of the 1900’s and finished with their signature ‘A’ standing for Anarcho Mountaineers.

The range can now be found both in store and online along with all of the finer details after the jump.

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Outfit Of The Week 05/12/2016

12/5/2016 12:43 PM

After a week off, Mr. Mannequin has returned with a fresh head, and a fresh selection of our latest arrivals from Kapital, General Research Package, Mikia, Maple, Indigo Robes, and Adidas Originals. Kicking it all off this week with a layered combination of General Research’s Yokosuka Jacket in Black paired off with Indigo Robes’ ‘Made Good’ Ryan Tee in White before donning some Maple Bolo Necklace in Black, and Mikia’s Suede Bandana Necklace in Onyx. Heading down to the lower half of this week’s outfit, and Mr. Mannequin has opted for a pair of Kapital’s Cisco Century 5 Pocket Denim before lacing up a fresh pair of Adidas Originals’ New York in Granite.

Has he outdone himself this week? Head in store and online to check out the latest deliveries and Mr. Mannequin’s outfit choices or head over the jump for all of the finer details.

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Outfit Of The Week 07/11/2016

11/5/2016 12:52 PM

It’s Monday morning, and Mr. Mannequin’s making his way about town all layered up in our latest deliveries from orSlow, Larose Paris, Bleu De Paname, Garrett Leight, General Research Package, and New Balance. Kicking it all off this week with a layered combination of Bleu De Panama’s Veste Magasinier in Marine paired off with General Research Package’s Game Shirt. Shading the sun off his eyes and face with Larose’s Lambswool Merino Baseball Cap in Navy and Moscot’s Matte Spotted Tokyo Brooks Sunglasses. Heading down to the lower half of this week’s outfit, and Mr. Mannequin’s opted for a pair of orSlow’s US Army Fatigue Pants in Green before finishing it all off with a freshly laced pair of New Balance’s M990DVN2.

Has he outdone himself this week, head in store and online now for a closer look at all of our latest arrivals and selections, and continue reading after the jump for a closer look at the finer details of this week’s outfit.

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