9/17/2018 9:28 AM

Kapital FW18

Hailing from the jean capital of Japan, Kojima, Kapital’s mastery of denim and menswear has ensured its stance as a formidable player within the menswear scene since its inception in 1984. The label reimagines mid-century Americana, utilising heritage production techniques to create designs which invoke an authentic workwear feel.

It is the brands unique approach to reimagining a time which has since passed us by, which so uniquely allows it to bring an eclectic aesthetic and modern feel to its meticulously crafted range of menswear.

With durability, and a want to be worn, at the surface of everything the brand produces, it is inevitable that pieces from the brands latest offerings will capture the attention of all who have the opportunity to see and interact with them.

Pieces such as the ‘Ringoman Cargo Pants’ and ‘Ivy Western Shirt’ borrow heavily from the brands affinity for reimagined pieces from a time gone by, sat alongside for innovative designs in the form of the ‘IDG Fleecy Knit Sweat Pants’ and Kapital’s ever reliant ‘Katsuragi Napped Cotton Ring Coat,’ little doubt exists that the brand is perfectly suited to not only keeping you cozy through the colder months, but also ensuring that any, and all, fortunate enough to purchase one of their pieces will be turning heads out on the streets.

With stand out items in this season's offerings coming in the form of the ‘Kamakura Anorak Blouson 60/40 Cloth’ Jacket — a piece designed to be tailored and utilised in a multitude of forms, and fashions to suit the preference of its user — and the beautifully minimalistic ‘Jubbahn Shirt’ — which brings together a range of beautiful details including a dyed corduroy collar, and meticulously intricate sewn patches — we here at Up There are particularly excited by what Kapital has to offer, and buoyed by the opportunity to share the brands aesthetic and craftsmanship with you.

Ps. Take the time to check out this true masterclass in practicality showcased through the versatile ‘Kamakura Anorak Blouson 60/40 Cloth’ Jacket.

Kapital can both found online and in store at Level 1/15 McKillop Street.

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9/17/2018 9:27 AM

Nanamica FW18

Once again Up There is fortunate enough to have the fan favourite Japanese label ‘Nanamica’ grace our shop floor. Aiming to combine various casual, functional and fashionable elements, the Tokyo based brand certainly lives up to its own agenda, with a range destined to visually stun, but also ensure the upmost comfort and practicality for its wearer.

This season Nanamica has created a range of items which both challenges, and pays homage to, many traditional aesthetics, whilst consistently ensuring excellent craftsmanship throughout.

With traditional garments such as the ‘Alphadry Crew Jacket’ and ‘Alphadry Club Pants’ laying the foundation for Nanamica’s latest offering, the brand seeks to perfectly juxtapose the beautifully simplistic aesthetic offered through the more outlandish designs shown on pieces including — but not limited to — their ‘Vertical Stripe Pants’ and ‘OOAL Graphic Hood Parka.’

Nanamica FW18

However, the ever evolving brand would not be the renowned pillar of the fashion world that it is today without its constant desire to develop its garments beyond the expected. Enter the brands ‘Gore-Tex Soutien Collar Coat’ and ‘Gore-Tex Crusier Jacket,’ which in addition to being absolutely necessary items for any wardrobe, provide a completely impervious shield to rain, sleet and snow for its user, while allowing perspiration to pass through it from within.

Nanamica has perfectly positioned itself to be a critical wardrobe staple throughout these upcoming months, and certainly established itself as a range worth further exploring!

We are absolutely stoked to once again see Nanamica back in stock, and thrilled by their latest offerings!

Nanamica can both found online and in store at Level 1/15 McKillop Street.

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