Winter has to be one of my favourite times of the year. Yes, it’s cold, wet and generally miserable for the most part, but for me it means I can start layering up! Maybe if I still lived in Queensland and could get away with wearing close to no clothing year round I’d be singing a different tune.

After years of being spoilt for choice and having my clothing collection grow into multiple cupboards, I’ve now learnt to be very selective in what I buy each season. Stylistically I try and keep it fairly minimal but always with a point of difference in there somewhere, and of course, comfort is king!

With the introduction of Kapital to our brand list, I’ve adopted their Ring Coat as my favourite jacket year round, for this outfit I’ve gone with the Katsuragi Cotton in Black. Underneath that I have my Twill Ribbed Pullover from Tender Co., worn over the top of an Indigo Robes Badger shirt. The knit has been overdyed in a mixture of Fermented Indigo and Tumeric, one of the oldest known recipes to create Khaki. The research and detail that goes into every Tender Co. item is crazy, hence why it has been a store favourite for years!

Down below I’ve gone with the Pant De Travail from French brand Bleu De Paname. These Indigo patchwork pants are unbelievably comfortable, nice and loose through the leg, with a nice weight to them. And then finally, courtesy of Converse, I’m all about the resurgence of the One Star. I don’t have enough variations of the One Star in my closet yet, but with the upcoming releases there will be an abundance. With the cooler weather only really starting to kick in, make sure you come in store and let us help you see out Winter in comfort!

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