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2/3/2020 12:58 PM

Engineered Garments Spring/Summer 2020

New York’s beloved Engineered Garments returns with their latest Spring/Summer 20’ assortments. Delivering Daiki Suzuki’s signature blend of archival workwear-come-menswear pieces for the season.

Incorporating military ripstop fabrics atop their classic BDU Jacket, and pocket-filled FA Pants Engineered Garments have you ready to layer up in olive tones paired off with their deep Bucket Hats and Atlantic Parka over the top.

For a smarter instalment to this season’s offerings Suzuki wraps up the Andover Jacket and Pants in Tropical Wool ready to be paired off with their Tassel Shirt, and assortment of Neck Ties.

Engineered Garments add a series of Baseball Caps to the range with a cursive embroidered crest in a trio of colours, before rounding out their first delivery with the ever-popular carry-all totes in classic Navy and Olive, as well as Wabash Stripe and highly detailed Floral Embroidered Indigo Denim.

The latest range is now available both in store and online along with all of the finer details and looks after the jump…

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With sad and gloomy weather overhead, why not get your heads sorted and protected from the elements with Larose’s water repellant headwear. Their 5 Panel Caps and Bucket Hats come wrapped in water protective Navy, and Tartan cementing the diversity of their collection as the brand grows. Expertly crafted in France at the hands of Larose’s headwear artisans means each of the premium fabrics chosen are crafted with upmost respect and the perfect fit in mind. Whether worn by a man or a woman, never before has headwear felt this natural.

This season’s selections from the French label are now available both in store and online. For a closer look at all of the finer details of his wet weather creations continue reading after the jump…

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