Every year I head to Paris and New York in the middle of January for our buying trip with James. I love this trip for a number of reasons, and one of the biggest is escaping the Melbourne summer heat for the cool northern hemisphere winter! It’s tough to come back from these trips for a number of reasons, but one of the biggest is knowing I’ll have to wait about four months to wear a proper jacket again!

The further we get into the start of each year the more I look forward to pulling out my favourite type of clothing, winter clothing. I love jackets, and heavy shirts, warm socks, wool pants, fleece and beanies, so I have combined a few of my favourites currently in store for a winter outfit edit. Up top I have layered Indigo Robes, 3sixteen & Engineered Garments. A few layers are important this time of year as we aren’t too deep into Winter and if you can catch some sunshine over lunch time you won’t need the heaviest of jackets. Just a quick note on the 3sixteen flannel because it’s dope. Super soft hand feel, thick fabric and great buttons, whats not to like? I’ve paired this with Engineered Garments Track pants and Viberg's classic Boondocker boot. I love the fit of these pants and the fact they are fleece, yet still look smart enough to wear daily makes them pretty damn hard to pass up! The Boondocker is one of Viberg's classics and we have these in stock year round. More casual than the service boot, these are for the everyday man. Two of my favourite accessories right now are the cushion rings form Tom Wood (i’m wearing the gold top) & the heavy cable knit beanies from Inidigo Robes, which i am wearing in the wool variation.

Overall this is a pretty typical outfit for me. I’m a pretty relaxed guy and I like clothes that are hard wearing, versatile and most of all comfortable.