Mr. Mannequin’s back in action, out and about in our latest selections and arrivals piecing together this week’s outfit with Engineered Garments, orSlow, Norse Projects, Larose Paris, Indigo Robes, and Christian Kimber. Kicking this week’s outfit off with a layered combination of orSlow’s 40’s Coverall Jacket in Indigo Denim, paired off with Indigo Robes’ Badger Shirt in Beige Linen, and Norse Projects’ Niels Pocket Boucle Tee in Moss Green, before protecting his head with Larose Paris’ Lambswool Merino Baseball Cap in Camel. Heading down to the lower half of this weeks’ outfit and Mr. Mannequin’s opted for a pair of Engineered Garments’ Fatigue Pant in Navy Reversed Sateen before finishing it all off with a freshly laced pair of Christian Kimber for Up There’s Lower Fifth in Olive.

Has he outdone himself this week, continue reading after the jump for all of the finer details to see for yourselves, and head in store and online to check all of the individual pieces out first hand.