Mr. Mannequin’s back and in action this week, traipsing about town in all of our latest selections from Engineered Garments, Larose, Mountain Research, Mikia, Superior Labor, and Converse.

Kicking it all off this week in a layered combination of Mountain Research’ Button Down Pullover in White, paired off with Engineered Garments’ Nyco Ripstop CPO Shirt as well as Larose’s Navy Corduroy Baseball Cap up top and strong wrist game with Mikia’s Bandana Bracelets. Keeping all of his weekly carry tucked into Superior Labor’s Tie Shoulder Tote in Tiger Camo before finishing the outfit off with Engineered Garment’s Ground Pant and Converse’s 1970’s Chuck Taylor.

Has he outdone himself this week? Continue reading after the jump to find out for yourselves and head in store and online to check out all of the latest arrivals first hand